Terms and conditions

1. Rental and use of audio hardware

  • The organization / applicant association must take and take the box (es) to the “InternetStuff”. Note that this is expensive equipment (8,900.- €).
  • The applicant organization / association hereby declares that it is checked at the time of delivery of the translation material that it is complete and in good working order. If a delay in the return of the material results in the following translation becoming impossible, the applicant organization / association will have to pay the full indemnity provided for this translation. The organizers undertake to test the set (s) in advance at the place of translation (beware of interference).
  • During the event, the applicant organization / association is solely responsible for the equipment provided. Any damage or theft must be reported during the return of the material, at the risk of having to repay entirely to APL a.s.b.l. any damage found. The representative signing the applicant organization / association personally assumes all liability not covered by the insurance.
  • The applicant organization / association undertakes to keep the equipment in case of non-use in a heated and closed place.
  • If audio hardware (coffrets) don’t returned in time, for every additional day you will have to pay (60 euros / day).

2. Other important remarks

The requesting organization / association undertakes to respect the clauses in the “rights and duties” section above. APL a.s.b.l. reserves the right to impose a penalty in case one of the clauses is not respected. All completed data on the loan contract are certified accurate by the representative of the requesting organization / association.